Business founder   

Franca Mongiardi, the founder and owner of NOVARTE, is an experienced nurse, complementary or holistic therapist, hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. All this experience is used by Franca to ensure that you the client experience professional and holistic treatments tailored to your requirements.


Registered General Nurse, B.A., M.Sc. Holistic Therapist, NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist

NLP stands for – Neuro Linguistic Programming

Memberships and Associations

Franca is a member of the:

  • Royal College of Nursing
  • Association of NLP
  • Federation of Holistic Therapists
  • United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy
  • International Coaching Federation

All these bodies require individuals to have the relevant and appropriate qualifications in order to join.

Company Philosophy

NOVARTE brings together the philosophy and ethics of the Health Care Professional and the needs of the individual in the context of the increasing pressures of business and private life. The setting for this coming together is Novarte’s unique approach to holistic therapies. The aim is to provide a rewarding, refreshing and relaxing experience on the path to total well-being.

Franca sees her therapies as valuable complements to traditional medical practices and NOT as substitutes for them. As a highly professional Health Care Practitioner herself, she would never encroach on areas covered by quite proper medical ethics and the practices those within its code.

Our Mission & Specialities

The mission of Novarte is to treat the individual in an holistic way. Before making any recommendations on possible therapies, Franca undertakes a total lifestyle audit of her clients which includes both physical and mental factors, and which takes into account the complete setting in which problems may have arisen.

Novarte always looks at the big picture before concentrating on specific details, conscious that one cannot be divorced from the other.

“Novarte always looks at the big picture”

Customer Service & Quality

Traditionally, many people have been suspicious of Complementary Therapies, especially those offered by individuals with no formal medical training.

Franca is not only a Registered General Nurse and a member of the Royal College of Nursing, but she has also enhanced her professional status by taking both BA and MSc degree qualifications. She sets this formal training alongside her detailed studies of Complementary Therapies and her status as a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

“This portfolio of experience and qualifications gives her clients confidence that their treatments will be grounded in the highest of professional standards.”

Case Studies / Endorsements

Professional ethics prevent NOVARTE from revealing the identities of any of the clients who have taken advantage of and benefitted from its treatments.

However, despite that fact that the Company was only founded in 2006, it has been delighted that so many of its clients have sent unsolicited testimonials outlining their satisfaction and gratitude for work undertaken on their behalf.