Q. “Will any of the treatments hurt ?”   
No, the treatments are very relaxing

Q. “How long will an individual treatment or a course take ?”   
This will depend on the requirements of the client and the recommendations of the therapist. An appropriate time scale will be agreed before any treatment takes place.

Q. “Will my treatment be kept private and confidential ?”   
Of course it will. On occasions we will recommend a visit to the Doctor, but we will never consult with your Doctor without express permission from you.

Q. What is meant by complementary therapies?
Complementary therapies is the term used for treatments which are complementary to medical treatments. They are intended to support medical treatments rather than replace them. The term complementary means just that and it is not instead of medical care. If you are feeling unwell it is important to get checked out by your doctor. If you are currently undergoing medical treatment eg for high blood pressure you may want to discuss with your doctor your intention of having complementary therapies.

Q. What does holistic mean?
The word holistic means that the whole person in considered. The complementary therapies are designed to work with the whole person ie the physical, emotional and psycholigical.

Q. “What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming ?”
This is an applied psychology of excellence. It is used in personal development, as a therapy and in business to generate and sustain success. It can be used in a variety of situations such as leadership, improving self confidence, enhancing your career. It is also useful for dealing with issues such as dealing with fears and phobias, giving up smoking and health problems.

“At the commencement of your treatment you will be given a full Advice Sheet which will answer most of your questions”