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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is something that every 3 people out of 100 suffer from. Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories Protocol Therapy (RTM©) is used to help those suffering, separate the memories from the feelings. Using this breakthrough cognitive therapy there is a 90%+ success rate when it comes to treating PTSD.

What is RTM©?

RTM© is a non-drug, non-traumatising treatment which will help to re-program the neurological connection between the feeling centre of the brain and the specific traumatic memories.

- The therapy will require 3-4 ninety-minute therapy sessions depending on the severity of your PTSD.

- The sessions require no preparation and all we ask is that you turn up on time.

- The sessions will be clinician led while the patient sits comfortably and separates the memory and the feeling.

- The treatment will completely eliminate the traumatic nightmares, flashbacks and related emotional problems.

- Once the 3-4 sessions are complete you will be able to remember the event but with none of the traumatic feelings.

What you will do during therapy:

- Given instructions and guidance on how to stay relaxed when you get     those moments of anxiety and stress.

- Practice visual formats that are key to the RTM© process.

 - Learn how to separate the feelings from the event.

 - During each session you will notice the physical sensations of the             events decrease.

- Throughout each session you will find the RTM© Protocol easier and     easier.

The aim of therapy:

Once the therapy is complete, it should improve your sleep, concentration and emotional control. We want you to disjoint yourself from the traumatic memories as well as separating from the feelings of fear so that the memory no longer signals danger. We hope that once you have finished therapy that you will have freedom in your thoughts and actions, and you will be able to do things without paranoia.

How To Book:

Here at Novarte, we are highly experienced in treating clients and have been established for 14 years.
We have qualifications in many other specialities as well as RTM©. With all our experience we believe we can help you.

If you would like to enquire about our services then you can get in contact via
01642 769009, 07811 257457 or email: info@novarte.co.uk