We offer a wide range of treatment packages for special events.

Our packages include Crystal Pamper Parties, the Spa at Home events and Temple Spa Parties.

Crystal Pamper Parties

If you’re arranging a special get together with friends, then how about inviting them to the Party with a difference? Book a CRYSTAL PAMPER PARTY… it’s the ultimate way to enjoy some relaxing time in!

What does the Crystal Pamper Party involve?

Our Crystal Pamper Parties combine fun and relaxation as you and up to 4 friends unwind.

• Start by learning gentle relaxation techniques.

• Find out about crystals and study them more closely to find one you feel drawn to.
Then learn why.

• Plus, you get to enjoy a mini crystal healing session!

Price & Location

The party costs just £100 (that’s only £20 each if you bring the maximum of 5 friends together) and includes a free crystal tumblestone for everyone. This price remains the same, whether you have 2 or 5 people. Allow at least 4 hours.

PLUS you have a chance to buy some beautiful crystals!

The pamper party allows you and up to 4 friends to have fun and relax in your own home as we bring the pamper party to you!

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Temple Spa Classes

Are you looking to find out more about how to keep your skin in “tip-top” condition?

What does the Temple Spa Class Involve?

How about hosting a Temple Spa Skin Therapy class in your own home?
You and your friends can have a fun and relaxing time, whilst getting the chance to try this seriously hardworking range of skin care products. This is something you would only, otherwise, experience in luxury spas.

As the host you get a gift from ourselves and a gift from Temple Spa.
All you have to do is provide the space and get 6 to 8 friends along and we will do the rest.

Price & Location

The Temple Spa class allows you to enjoy a relaxing therapy class in your own home!

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Spa at Home

Are you thinking about booking yourself some “spa time”? What about if the spa came to you? That’s right, spa treatments in the comfort of your home! 

What does the Spa at Home involve?

How about you and up to 3 friends getting together at your house to enjoy receiving a complementary therapy treatment at home. You can choose from the following list of treatments:

• Facial treatment (the products used are from   Temple Spa)

•  Aromatherapy full body massage

• Plus, you get to enjoy a mini crystal healing session! Reflexology treatment with a relaxing and   luxurious foot massage

•  Reiki

•  Crystal Healing

•  Pregnancy Massage

You can also add crystal healing to any of these treatments.

These treatments, as well as pampering you, can help with mind and/or physical health problems as they work on the whole body.

Allow at least half a day as each treatment takes between 60 and 70 minutes. After the treatment, you can just relax.

Price & Location

Cost is £40 for the “host” who will also receive a special gift from us and it’s £50 for each of the others.

Everyone receives a “goody bag” of aromatherapy bath gel and oil especially made up for you.

*Minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 4 people for home spa treatments

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