Within the range of therapies offered by Novarte, one or more may be appropriate to particular clients. If so, the nature of these therapies will befully explained before the commencement of the programme. If the holistic diagnosis reveals elements which should initially be brought to the attention of the client’s doctor, the clients will be informed that such a consultation should be arranged.

Novarte strongly believes that its role is to support rather than replace traditional therapies, and it will never undermine the customary and accepted doctor/patient relationship.

What to expect during and after a treatment

Aside from a feeling of complete relaxation, increased energy and pampering luxury, there are a few other things you may experience during and after your treatment.

You may experience tiredness, increased urine output, increased bowel movement and be more aware of emotions.

The treatments are designed to allow you to unwind, you may even feel yourself drifting off, don’t worry we’ll take it as a compliment about your blissful state!

After a treatment please ensure you drink plenty of water and fluids, eat a light meal afterwards and try to avoid alcohol / caffeine as the effects will be more potent.

After aromatherapy, if practical and possible, keep the oil on your skin for a few hours to allow the effects of your treatment to last longer.

After a facial, avoid wearing make-up or adding creams or lotions to your face for a few hours.

Prior to your first treatment we will carry out a full assessment, including non-intrusive questions about your overall health, any current medical conditions and the aims you have for your sessions.

Please note: Complementary therapies have a lot of wonderful properties but should not be used in lieu of medical care and if you are feeling unwell please always contact a doctor.