During pregnancy the body changes faster than at any other time. It can be a wonderful time in your life. As the pregnancy progresses you may experience occasional aches or “niggles”. Massage during pregnancy can be very helpful. Most importantly it can help with relaxation. The massage treatment carried out during pregnancy is very gentle and definitely relaxing. It is a full body massage. You lie on each side for this treatment.

You can enjoy this treatment even if you are not pregnant! Perhaps you enjoy a massage but find lying on your back uncomfortable? If so this treatment is also perfect for you.

50 minutes for £30 (if pregnant treatment can only begin at 14 weeks + only)

Our guide to essential oils

Aromatherapy oils carry special properties that can help to soothe, calm, energize and revitalize you. They are made up of two elements, essential and carrier.

Essential oils are extracted from plants and stored in dark bottles to help preserve their qualities. Due to their highly concentrated nature they should not be put directly onto skin as they can cause irritation.

Carrier oils are vegetable-based and have fantastic moisturising properties, providing a great base to dilute the essential oils.

Below are a selection of the oils we use but please discuss your individual requirements with us:

Essential Oils

Lavender: An ‘all-rounder’ used for pain, relaxation and skin issues
Citrus: Vibrant oils that can help to energise and lift your mood
Fennel and Peppermint: Great to ease bloating and digestive issues
Geranium and Juniper: Best for helping to balance hormones
Rosemary: Full of energising properties and helps treat dry skin
Tea-Tree: Great anti-bacterial properties but due to its strong aroma we recommend using it sparingly

Carrier Oils

Sweet Almond: A light moisturising oil, suitable for oily skin
Peach Kernel: Very moisturising oil, suitable for dry skin
Calendula (Marigold): Ideal for a variety of skin conditions
Jojoba: A great moisturising oil with anti-inflammatory properties
Evening Primrose: Very moisturising oil known for its hormone-balancing properties